“You Already Know”

During my seminary years I participated in Seminary Bowl. Seminary Bowl was a quiz game that consisted of four quarters including questions about the subject of study during that year. The moderator asked a question and the first one to hit the buzzer got to answer. Each questions was followed up by a bonus questions that the team consulted about and then answered. Each quarter also included finding scripture mastery scriptures. The moderator gave a hint about the scripture. The first team to have all four members lift their scriptures with their finger in the correct scripture won the points for that scripture. A team could consist of any number of people, but only four played at a time. We competed against other schools of the same or similar size as ours.

I loved Seminary Bowl. My team met three times a week after school in the seminary building to study, practice scripture mastery and to simulate games. I loved my teammates, and I loved studying the gospel. My team traveled to other schools and other teams traveled to ours. My team was usually either first or second in our region. (There were lots more guys on the team than girls.)

One day in the middle of our Church History/Doctrine and Covenants year, I thought, “I ought to find out if all this is true.” I had never really asked before. I just lived the gospel and obeyed the commandments, but I didn’t think to ask if the Church was true or if Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon true.

I thought about this for some time and decided I would just ask the Lord. I knelt by my bed that night and prayed to know if everything I had been taught and had been living was true. I didn’t get a light or a warm feeling, but I heard the words in my mind, “You already know it is true.” I realized then that I did know. I didn’t need an overwhelming answer. I’d had my answer for a long time. I still have my answer.

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